I got that much awaited email about where I have been successfully placed – and I got my first choice. Seoul, Korea. Of course the contract and such will not be here until a month later but I do have Seoul. This is exciting and exhilarating. Especially after making a new friend on the subway today and she’s traveled so much and I’m inspired all over again. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, another step in my process to teaching in Korea has been taken. Just a few more months to go.


And we wait again

In less than 48 hours, my documents have reached my coordinator in Korea. Considering what I paid Fedex to send it, yeah, I guess I got my money’s worth (which I’ll reveal how much I paid for everything in a later post).  Reading her email put in a not-so-bad mood this morning when I woke up – she said “they were perfect.”

They have been submitted to the next level… but won’t actually be recommended until a few weeks with the other applicants who get their documents in.

So, it means there’s a lot of waiting to be done. Weeks, in fact.

I’m not really sure what to do with myself until then. I guess I can return to my “taking time off” mode even if I feel restless, anxious, and filled with anticipation.

On its way to Seoul

I managed to stick to my goal and mailed off my documents in a week after hearing that I passed my interview. There were a few roadblocks and complications along the way but nothing that I wasn’t able to solve with the help from my coordinator at EPIK (thanks, K!)

My little hiccups/roadblocks:

  • Reference letters needed to be modified a bit – missing a date and other explicit information
  • Finding a public notary that wasn’t going to overcharge me; ended up finding the nicest old lawyer who had graduated from York University and gave me a discount on top of his amazing rates
  • Not being able to notarize the RCMP check because it already has the proper seal required
  • Finding the Korean Consulate (beautiful building by the way) and got my first “Korean” experience – everything was in  Hangul (Korean alphabet) but managed to get by because of the wonderful little English word on the list – notary
  • Taking new passport photos; the store was closed for lunch one day, I forgot to go during work another, and then finally managed to get my photo taken

Nevertheless, after a trip to an authorized Fedex services post, my documents are now on the way to Seoul. Now, I’ll just have to wait the week for the documents to arrive plus the couple of weeks to hear back from them.

I really want Seoul.