costs and things

Toronto Police Record Check (plus extra copies) – $66.32

(Funny story about this – I wasn’t sure if this was the proper record check I needed and went down to the station to ask. I even brought along my application form that said specifically the type of record check I needed – but they told me this was it… and I ended up getting extra copies. I didn’t need it. At all. This is more of a provincial-level check, NOT a national-level one. Lesson learned.)

RCMP Fingerprinting Record Check – $70

Notarizations of diplomas from a notary and the Korean Consul – $28.25 + $12 = $40.25

Passport-size photos (plus extra copies to use in Korea for ID) – $18.65

Sealed transcripts (three copies to verify degrees) – $36

Copies of documents and contracts for the office and personal use – $6.42

FedEx (sending complete application to Korea from Toronto) – $72

Visa – $50

As of right now, I have spent around $360. Wait, what? Honestly, I had no idea that was my grand total until I just took out my calculator right now. Oh wow. But I mean, it could have been less if I didn’t get those police checks that are useless to me, or let go of the part of my personality in which I need extra copies of everything to feel more assured. But still, I have to admit that I didn’t expect the expenses to be that much. I guess it’s a good thing that I got the job and that the excitement of having a contract for year is one of payoffs when you make the investments.

Positivity. Priceless.