Grade 5 Dream Menus

The cultural lesson for the Grade 5 students last week included a video about weird food around the world (from a Western perspective since “weird” is subjective) and a presentation about street food around the world – which the students can relate to since Korea is known for its street food. As the activity to go with it, I had the students creating dream menus that the class would vote on. The students love anything that relates to food – nothing like thinking about food to get us ready for lunch.


The dream menu I created as an example for the class. Baskin Robbins is definitely a new item ever since I came to Korea – and the poutine is partly because I’m craving this little piece of Canadian cuisine.



This class started voting for the dream menu I created. Flattering but I insisted that the team with the most votes in the class won.



The most interesting class… the winning menu chosen…


… consisted of blood items. This group took the idea of “dream” menu = imagination of food items. And the class thought it was the best idea ever.


I loved it when groups would all work on it together, simultaneously. Teamwork!


Monkeys… I don’t want to know.


Grade 4: When I am…

A continuation of the Grade 4 poems where I asked the students to think about their futures. What they would be doing or want to do at the age of 20, 40, and 60. Many of the students want to go to university or the boys will be in the army at 20. There is the family plan at 40. And the wish for grandchildren when they’re 60. And then, you have the kids who think beyond the standard ideas.

One student went further into the future than I asked. At 200 years old, she’s been mummified.


At 40 years old, this student is already planning to change her cell phone. I wonder what phones will be like by the time she does turn 40 in 29 years.


This student is practical and already thinking about the inheritance she’s leaving her kids. I think she’ll be a wonderful and generous parent.


And finally, a girl I can’t help but adore. At 20, she’s going to date. Nothing wrong with that.


Classroom Moments: Artist in the Making

I have a future comic strip artist in my class. Last Wednesday there was no school so I didn’t get the comic strips from two classes. Finally got the final submissions and I have to say… I was very impressed with one in particular. The details – in the typography, sequencing of the story, and slow motion stills – are beyond anything I imagined or have received. I hope this student continues to do what she does – I can only imagine what she draws on her spare time.


Grade 4 Poems: I Am Eleven

In a little writing and cultural activity this week, I introduced the real story of Winnie the Pooh to my students and read them A. A. Milne’s poem “Now We Are Six.” I created a simpler, present tense poem template for the students to work on and to create their own poems called “I am Eleven.” (They’re 11 in Korean age.) I loved reading these.


Here is a true Korean — “I am three years old. I am eat kimchi.”


A very bright and confident fourth grader: “I am eleven years old. I [am] can do everything[s].”


Questioning himself perhaps: “I can speak English?”


This made me laugh so hard: “I am eleven years old. Mom don’t help me.”


“I am three years old. I am a crazy child.” Enough said.

And then I have my collection of “handsome” boys who are very confident in their appearances.




I have to say I’m impressed, he “became very handsome.” This is not usual fourth grade level English.


Grade 6 Comic Strips: “What’s the Matter?” Completed

The students have handed in their comic strips. The final results completely varied among all the submissions – I had many that followed a very basic storyline, using the key expressions. And then you have more imaginative students who include monsters, zombies, animals, and the like. All in all, it was fun and interesting, reading all of these on a Friday afternoon. It was a little harder this time to choose the ones to go up on the Good Work wall later.