English Summer Camp Day 8

Game Day at summer camp. The games I taught and played with the students:
Make it rain
Speedy rabbit
Fruit basket

Somehow it managed to last the entire 90 minute periods. But I’m feeling a little drained from trying to keep up with the boys. Luckily I have a day off before the last day of camp on Friday.


English Summer Camp Day 7

Sandwich day!

Today’s schedule:
Introduce pb&j to students. Explain that schools in Canada are now nut-free.
Cloze activity for sandwich recipe.
Make strawberry and/or blueberry jam sandwiches.

Students really liked the sandwiches. They like food. Period.








As a post-activity, I also had them write recipes for something they know how to make. Or for the lower-level class, create The Best Sandwich Ever on paper. Except most students were more interested in creating The Grossest Sandwich Ever. As long as their creative juices are working and they’re doing it in English, go ahead.



If you look closely at the last worksheet, I’m on the list of ingredients. Lovely.

English Summer Camp Day 6

First day of the second week. Somehow summer camp feels like it’s going by really quickly. And this will be a shorter week since Thursday is a national holiday, Independence Day.

Today, I had role plays ready for the students. I use the term role play because that’s what they just know acting to be. I was going to introduce the proper term of “play” but it felt like I’d spend more time explaining what an actual role play was.

For Class A, the two separate groups did Cinderella and Hansel and Gretel. Class B did Little Red Riding Hood and Power of Rumour. I asked my two co-teachers before class if they could help me out with this particular session. In order to address both groups properly and the two different scripts, we each took a group to work with. We read the scripts, decided roles, practiced, and had dress rehearsals of a sort. We then performed for the other group. It was a lot to do for a 90 minute session but well worth the effort. The students aren’t used to such long scripts as of yet but it is something I’m looking forward to working on in the new semester. I’m planning to do more Readers Theatre and role play/plays with the students this coming semester.

I’d love to share the videos of the performances. But unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that here. Next time, I’ll take more photos of the students once we start doing more full performances with props and costumes.

English Summer Camp Day 5

End of the first week of summer camp was a day filled with music, camp songs and chants, and a couple of pop songs.

I first introduced some of the things a summer camp in Canada might have and then taught a couple of camp songs and chants to the students. These included the Hokey Pokey, Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar, This is the Song that Never Ends, Boom Chicka Boom, and If You’re Happy. The ones that didn’t go over too well with the students were Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar and This is the Song that Never Ends. I think the concept and words of the song were a little too hard for them to follow.

After camp songs, for each class I had created a cloze lyric worksheet that had certain words from the lyrics missing. The students listened and watched the music video once before I handed these out for them to complete. Class A got All 4 One’s “I Swear” and One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”. Class B got the Do Re Mi song. As with the other days, we sped through these really quickly so I had to come up with more to fill in the time. With Class A, we went through the songs we learned during first semester. And with Class B, my coteacher had Grease’s “Summer Lovin'” prepared and then we played Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” which the students actually requested.

It was a fun music-filled day at camp. But three hours of singing took its toll on my throat. Nothing a nice cup of citron tea couldn’t handle.

English Summer Camp Day 4

Day four of summer camp involved Pixar animation and a clay activity.

I found some useful PowerPoint slides and worksheets on waygook that I ended up modifying a little for the lower level class. I decided to go with the animation “Partly Cloudy” and the students really enjoyed the short. We worked through some comprehension activities and then the students completed the worksheets.

As a follow-up activity, I got soft clay cream from the school’s resource room and the students could make any figures they wanted to – like how the clouds make babies in the animation short. With my first class, some students did cute little animals, or new imaginary animal-like figures. There were the boys who sculpted their entire piece of clay to look like hulk. And a couple of the boys made me- I don’t see the resemblance at all.







With the second class, I had the teams compete first by making a dog or cat figure. My coteacher and I chose the best one to award them team points. After, the students were free to make what they wanted. The girls made penguins and the like. The boys made dice, snakes, and poop. Of course.