My Last School Lunches in South Korea

My cousin remarked that she didn’t know what sort of lunches I ate working in Korea. So this one is for you, Tiff.

These are the last school lunches I had – the students get the same thing. It comes in a little trolley and are rolled into each classroom. The students would get in line and get different little dishes onto the lunch tray.


Deep-fried meat of some sort, kimchi, apple, green vegetable, rice, and spicy seafood soup.


Rice, Korean curry, steamed red bean bun, kimchi, strawberries.


Rice, meat and rice cake soup, plant roots, fried fish with a mayonnaise sauce, kimchi, and tangerines.


Rice, vegetable soup, spicy marinated beef, and fish cake.


Rice, beef radish and tofu soup, japchae, kimchi, and spicy pork and rice cakes, and strawberries.


Rice, vegetable soup, kimchi, spicy marinated spare ribs, crab and fruit salad, and orange.



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