The Chronicles of a Teacher: The Beginning

My teaching chronicles – as I will be calling them – were once a part of my personal blog. I’ve brought all that over to this new blog. Partly because I feel sentimental towards them, they’re all great memories of my teaching adventures in Korea. And partly because I believe that they’re a part of my growth as a teacher.

Which is what this blog is about – I need a space where I can record, document, reflect, and bring insight to my journeys as an educator. So, this is where I shall begin.

Who am I?

I started as an occasional teacher in Toronto, Canada this past summer. I had spent two years teaching English as a foreign teacher in Seoul, South Korea prior to this current job. I have known that I wanted to be a teacher since 11 years old. I have thus made most of my life decisions based on this dream. What I have learned as a student teacher and new teacher is this – dreams are made up of hard word, perseverance, and courage. I have gone through ups and downs. I have doubted myself and wondered if this is the right path for me. I have been inspired, supported, and encouraged along the way. And it’s a journey that will continue.

Why a blog?

I’m not comfortable with the idea of social network and education. It’s why I’ve been resistant to certain forums but I have been thinking about how in university, my professors made us write our reflections about our practicum experiences. Those reflections helped me gain more insight into my practice and what I wanted to improve on as a teacher. It’s a practice that I wish to continue through here. And hopefully it will one day provide some insight to other new teachers.

Welcome to The Chronicles of a Teacher.


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